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A Universal Language. Ramy Wafaa and Roundicons

Roundicons is a project that can only exist in the networked digital economy. It shows the good side of globalization. Read more about a library of universally comprehensible signs, the icons frequently used to illustrate this blog and a new partner to INVENTUR.

Egypt, Late 2014: Ramy Wafaa Has an Idea

Ramy Wafaa is an Egyptian graphic designer. In his own words, he comes from a country

„where graphic design is not well developed and isn’t considered an important part in product making. No Kickstarter, Behance, Dribble or any sort of creative network meetups“

Nevertheless, after 14 years of learning and working experience, he started an ambitious project: the creation of a digital library that provides high-quality icons for every purpose. The visual, translation-independent project and the World Wide Web allowed him to overcome his peripheral position in the world of design without leaving his country of birth.


Wafaa launched at the end of 2014 with just 500 icons. Today, there are more than 30,000 in 18 different styles, which according to the website are used by companies such as VW, Intel and Forbes. Over the past few years, the founder has gathered a team of 9 designers and 2 project managers from countries like Bali, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and the United States. The headquarter is still in the Egyptian city of Hurghada.


Icons: a Universal Language

According to Ramy Wafaa pictures have the potential of being a universal language, but only if they are well designed:

„Images have got to be the most universal language there is. A single illustration is able to get the message across, regardless of the recipient’s background or language skills. Every designer must be conscious of this fascinating phenomenon in order to create attractive and comprehensive designs.“

Roundicons is expanding. Each month additional motifs, styles and formats are added to the catalog. New projects, including the creation of isometric maps and the development of diversity avatars complete the offer. In 2018, Wafaa also wants to start developing an ambitious „icon based language“:

„Creating an icon language, every word translated into icons.“

Why I Use Roundicons

For INVENTUR I have acquired a license of the complete icon bundle from Roundicons. In the future, many articles on this blog will be illustrated with the professionally made and aesthetically pleasing icons of the project:

„Every icon is first sketched on paper before it is drawn in detail using Adobe Illustrator and carefully reviewed by the team when completed. We aim to provide all possible formats“

The generous license terms and the fair price make Round Icons a recommendation when it comes to high-quality icons and illustrations.


As of now, Roundicons is one of the affiliate partners of INVENTUR, in addition to our hosting company RAIDBOXES. The last part of this article therefore contains partner links marked with an asterisk. Information about INVENTUR’s affiliate partnerships can be found at the bottom of the page and here.

Roundicons offers a complete bundle*, individual icon packs* and custom made icons*. For example, the team designed icons for the software house Symantec.

Use the code 30OFFROUNDICONS to get 30% off when you buy a product from Round Icons*.

Anyone who wants to get a taste of Roundicons can download a set of free icons*.

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Icons: Round Icons*

3. Mai 2018