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Wortwörtlich (97): Erbstück

Der Software-Entwickler und Technologie-Geek Marco Arment bekannte kürzlich, seine Apple Watch zugunsten einer mechanischen Uhr beiseite gelegt zu haben. Obwohl jede noch so billige Quartz-Uhr ein mechanisches Modell hinsichtlich „accuracy, reliability, simplicity, cost“ übertreffe, ziehe er die altmodische Variante vor. Seine Begründung ist bemerkenswert:

„A big part of that joy, for me, is that this isn’t like anything else in my life, and the difference is refreshing. Most of my work and hobbies involve technologically cutting-edge digital electronics reliant on complex, inconsistent software, with a typical lifetime of a few years at most. Almost everything else I use and make is effectively disposable. As software creeps into ever more objects in my daily life and makes them more capable yet more disposable and less reliable than ever, it’s nice to have something that does less, always works, never needs a software update, requires no cables, doesn’t need to be charged, and whose useful life will probably be longer than mine.“

Quelle: (Anrufdatum 22. Februar 2016)

22. Februar 2016