Der Blog von Dirk Hohnsträter


INVENTUR – the German word for inventory – is a blog on cultural aspects of the economy, written by Dirk Hohnsträter.

I focus on the non-commercial aspects of commerce. INVENTUR filters the web, the world and a lot of written stuff to cut through the crap and offer only relevant, well-reflected content. Posts include essays on thinkers and writers observing consumer culture, interviews with makers who are truly devoted to quality, or debates on how consumerism is changing in the digital age.

INVENTUR is independent and ad-free. Run solely by its founder, scholar and author Dirk Hohnsträter, the blog was established 2013 in Berlin. Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to fully translate INVENTUR right now. However, I am commited to offer translated key-posts from time to time. Read my conversation with the distinguished Parisian leather accessories designer Isaac Reina, my article about the international design network Round Icons and my review of Paul Jarvis‘ courses for freelancer creatives to get a taste.

I do hope to be able to present an English version of the entire blog later. In the meantime, thanks for your interest, your understanding and your patience.